Advent Friday Session in lützelhausen: ka-idu feat. jochen vogel

Event Description

first jochen vogel will play his clairseach (irish metall-string-harp) solo. learn more about jochen vogel at:

after that ka-idu and jochen vogel will meet for a session.

ka-idu are:
theresa brossmer – vocals, sansula
alfred wolski – jaw´s harp, sansula, melody tubes
matthias tanzer – steeldrum, sansula, balaphon, jaw´s harp
günter hagemann – tablas, kongas, cymbals
wolfman – sansula, bambula, e-bow-bass, framedrum

this session will have special quadrophonic sound-effects and also illuminations by alfreds wolski´s light-obejects.
learn more about alfred:

we do not sell drinks, so please bring your own and reply, if you are coming to:

free entry, but feel free to donate after the show.

hope to see you!

swinging regards


p.s. with a little luck ganesh shankar mishra will show up too.

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